NBA: Towns Reveals His Mother Is In A Coma To Warn Of COVID-19 Threat

Dominican-American center Karl-Anthony Towns, star of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, revealed Tuesday night that his mother is battling COVID-19 and is in a coma, in an attempt to raise awareness of the threat he poses. the illness.

In a nearly six-minute video posted on his social media, Towns explained that his mother was diagnosed with the new coronavirus after going to the hospital earlier last week. Later, she began to feel worse and suffered a fever, so she needed to be connected to an artificial respirator and later she had to have an induced coma.

“I made this video so that people understand the seriousness of this. The disease is real and cannot be taken lightly … It is a deadly disease,” said Towns, whose voice is cut off with emotion. at various points in the video.


The All-Star center, number one in the NBA draft in 2015, called for the population to attend to all the recommendations to prevent the spread of the pandemic, starting with staying at home, but also warned that more are needed. equipment and more support for doctors facing the emergency.

Towns, 24, is one of the NBA players who has contributed financially to the response to COVID-19 in the United States. In his case, it was a donation of $ 100,000 to the Mayo Clinic to improve the detection tests for the new coronavirus.

Nearly 800 people have died so far from the coronavirus in the United States, which registers more than 55,000 confirmed cases, the third highest number worldwide after China and Italy.

However, President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he wants to relax the measures that have been taken in the country to promote the isolation of the population and prevent contagions by considering them exaggerated, and warned that he intends to revive the economy within three weeks.



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