Netflix Unveiled New Stranger Things 4 Trailer! See Who Reappears

Netflix has revealed to all its fans the new Stranger Things trailer. The fourth season is here and they confirm a story that all their fans already suspected.

And it is that Jim Hopper did not really die at the end of the third season of Stranger Th ings. Apparently, he was taken prisoner by the Russians. Related News Stranger Things

It was shared by the official account of the series on all social networks and also by the actors in their respective accounts.

In the Stranger Things video you can see a landscape of a lot of snow, what many think is that it is Russia, in fact, in the text of the video it is placed: “From Russia with love.” It lasts 50 seconds. approximately, and there are several scenes of prisoners working in the middle of winter, when at one moment Hopper is seen among them. Stranger Things It comes with everything.


Netflix has not yet released the official release date of this fourth season of Stranger Things but its fans are already looking forward to the moment.

The level of acceptance and views has been such that in a short time the Stranger Things 4 video on social networks has reached hundreds of thousands of views.