Netherlands Claims Hacker Managed To Guess Donald Trump’s Twitter Password

The Hague – The Netherlands Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that a Dutch hacker accessed President Donald Trump’s Twitter after discovering that his password was “maga2020” and announced that he will not press charges against him as he is an “ethical hacker” who advised the US authorities of the situation.

Hacker Victor Gevers made public in late October that he had accessed Trump’s personal Twitter account after only seven attempts with different password versions, until he found the correct one, which was “maga2020” (lowercase abbreviation from his campaign slogan, Make America Great Again).

In addition, Trump had the double verification system deactivated, so, when trying to access, Gevers did not need to send a message to the president’s mobile phone or email to authorize access to the account, something that Dutch prosecutors confirmed after a investigation of the cybernetic unit of the national police.


Although both Twitter and the White House always denied that this had happened, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed this Wednesday that Gevers finally accessed the account, but did not take advantage of the situation to tweet on behalf of Trump, read his private messages, change the password or the photo profile, possible options when accessing a Twitter account.

Attempts to alert the president, his White House team, the campaign team, and even members of his family about the security of the Twitter account failed, but days later the US secret services contacted Gevers to thank you for the notice.

Trump changed his password and activated double verification.

Although computer hacking is punishable in the Netherlands, the Prosecutor’s Office considered that Gevers had met criteria not to be charged: he is an ethical “hacker”, dedicated to “responsible disclosure”, and contacted the authorities under his real name, alerted them to the situation and gave them advice on how to fix the vulnerability of Trump’s account.

It is not the first time that Gevers, 44, has managed to access the account of the US president. Back in October 2016, he and several friends found Trump’s password in a database leaked by hackers.

So, Trump had “youarefired” (“you are fired”, in English) as a password.

Among other discoveries, he found a Chinese database with personal information (telephone, dates of birth, employer, identity number or nationality) and locations (with GPS coordinates of places visited) of 2.7 million inhabitants of Xinjang, the most important province. China’s largest and home to Uyghurs, showing that the Chinese government is monitoring this ethnic minority in the country.



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