Netta Barzilai’s Topic About The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused the cancellation of cultural events such as concerts, but it seems that some artists have preferred to take it as a source of inspiration. That has been the case of Netta Barzilai, winner of Eurovision 2018, who has decided to get hold of humor and has composed a song about COVID-19. Netta Barzilai composes a song about coronavirus. (Photo: TikTok / @nettabarzili) MoreThe Israeli shared her creation through TikTok, where she has more than 83,000 followers. In addition, the official Twitter account of Eurovisión and Televisión Española has also published the topic. “The winner of Eurovision 2018 puts humor (and a lot of auto-tune) to recommend us: Wash your hands, don’t touch me and put on a mask”, says the aforementioned publication. Barzilai was not the only one who was inspired by the disease for to compose. The Mexican band El Capi has also dedicated a song to it. “Enjoy it, my brother, The coronavirus, the coronavirus that faints you and makes you feel bad,” reads the lyrics of cu La cumbia del El coronavirus ’. Yofrangel has also made his own song. “The coronavirus is not going to give me, cover your mouth, you are not going to make me sick,” he says in “Corona Virus”. In Spain, a song about pathology has also emerged, in this case by Zorman. But judging by the lyrics, the youtuber has taken it with irony. “I have read on the Internet that the end is near and on the Internet nobody usually lies or exaggerates,” he sings. Kaseeno, artist from Santo Domingo, is somewhat more alarmist in his subject: “That pod is killing.” No genre has escaped the coronavirus and they have even launched a cumbia on the subject. The Mexican group Mister Cumbia has referred to COVID-19 and incidentally has mocked some memes on the subject that circulate in networks. “Coronavirus, coronavirus, don’t touch your face and avoid friends,” he recommends. Netta Barzilai rose to fame in 2018 when he won the Eurovision song contest with the song ‘Toy’. A decision that caused controversy due to the confrontation between his country of origin and Palestine. That edition was the fourth victory for Israel, which had already won the popular contest in 1978, 1979 and 1998. Two years after the protagonist’s victory, Eurovision could be in danger due to the coronavirus. The heads of the delegations of each country met in Rotterdam on Monday March 9 to decide if the next edition will be held on May 16. For the moment the commission has asked for calm and has not canceled the event. If the event continues, Blas Cantó will travel to the Netherlands as a representative of Spain and will sing ‘Universo’. Eurovision 2018 launched the career of Netta Barzilai, who has not stopped working since then. After ‘Toy’ the Israeli has published songs like ‘Nana Banana’, ‘Ricki Lake’ or ‘Bassa Sababa’. In addition, the singer is very active on Instagram, a social network in which she already accumulates close to 488,000 followers.More stories that may interest you:



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