Netwey Is Another Option In Mexico Of 4G Home Internet, But That Allows Recharges Per Week Or Per Month

Recently we talked about Flash Wi-Fi, a new competitor in the domestic internet market for 4G in Mexico, and now we have news of another provider of the same service that starts operations in the country, with an interesting distinguishing feature.

Only the necessary internet

Netwey is a home internet provider in Mexico that uses the Altán Shared Network. But, the most striking detail is that it does so in prepaid mode, by means of refills that can be weekly or monthly, according to the needs of the users.


The packages that can be hired, either on the website or through refills at Oxxo stores, are four:

In accordance with Netwey's terms and conditions, the download speed of its plans is 5 Mbps, and because the service is offered domestically, the modem cannot move from the location stipulated at the beginning of the contract. But, if necessary, the user can request up to two location changes per year, at no cost.

On the other hand, there is no Fair Use Policy due to the prepaid nature of the Netwey service. The cost of hiring, or rather buying the modem is 899 pesos, although on the occasion of Buen Fin 2019 there is a reduction in the price. Finally, with respect to coverage, no details are mentioned, more that can be reviewed on the website.

And this is how domestic internet options continue to increase in Mexico, with hiring possibilities for each type of need.

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         Netwey is another option in Mexico of 4G home internet, but that allows recharges per week or per month