Neverev’s Big Challenge For Creole Football

Neverev’s Big Challenge For Creole Football

Gabriel Marcelo Neverev Year Zero. The Argentinian is his ninth technical director of the Dominican Republic’s absolute team since 2014, the last time he led the team for over seven games. A job in which he is ahead of the Russians.

Dreaming of qualifying for the World Cup seven years from now, the Dominican Republic is currently ranked 152nd in the world in the FIFA rankings and 17th in the Concacafe (its federation) rankings.

In the Caribbean (first sieve overcome), it ranks 8th behind Jamaica, Curacao, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua & Barbuda, Suriname and St Kitts and Nevis, with a historical record with this group of: am. 8 wins 8 draws 30 losses.


Cuba are behind, but in official matches, Dominica have barely drawn in eight games against the biggest Antilles. They have never played Jamaica and in 12 games he has only managed to beat Haiti once (Mariano Diaz’s goal made him 3-1 in 2013). 0-11 with 4 goals for and 50 against, including a 9-0, 8-0, 7-0 victory.

The FIFA Connect platform, the database where the official information of the Football Association is stored, has 8,187 Dominican players, 142 clubs, 120 coaches and 120 referees across all categories.

Nevelev said he was aware of the challenge and had started work from the moment he stepped off the plane, adding that the consensus for the 2026 national team project was the material and urgency that Dominica’s registration is actively taking place outside the country. that it depends heavily on For the training of technicians working on the base.

The 59-year-old Neverev has signed a four-year contract, renewable every 12 months, promising not to put pressure on him too soon. Gold 2025.

The road to the 2030 World Cup will begin in March with a visit to French Guyana (24) and host Belize (27) in League B of the Concacafe Nations League. Dominica is her third (4 points), behind French Guyana (10 points) and Guatemala (7 points). They need to add that they don’t fall in League B and the perfect balance allows them to reach the Gold Cup.

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