New Autopsy Commissioned By George Floyd’s Family Says He Died Of Suffocation

The autopsy commissioned by the family of George Floyd, the African American killed during an arrest on May 25 in Minneapolis, says he died of suffocation after the immobilization carried out by the police officer who arrested him.


“The cause of death is suffocation from neck compression, which can interfere with oxygen reaching the brain, and compression from the back, which interferes with breathing,” said Michael Baden, a former family-hired doctor. by Floyd, in statements collected by the BBC.

The verdict contrasts with the initial autopsy performed by a Minnesota coroner, according to which there was “no physical evidence to support the diagnosis of traumatic suffocation or strangulation” and was more aimed at “prior medical conditions.”

The event occurred on the night of May 25 when a city establishment alerted police that an individual was using a fake $ 20 bill to pay. It was then that the patrol arrived at the premises and the man, identified as George Floyd, was in his car.

The officers justified his arrest because he resisted getting out of the vehicle and appeared to be “drugged” and “drunk.” In the video broadcast on social networks, you can see how Floyd is handcuffed on the floor, face down, and with the knee of one of the policemen on his neck for several minutes. Even though the individual complained about not being able to breathe: “My neck hurts. Everything hurts … water or something, please. I can’t breathe, agent, I can’t breathe.”

The incident has sparked a week of rage and protests across 75 U.S. cities in which at least 2,500 people have been arrested. Such a situation had never been seen before, in 1968, the year almost 17,000 Americans died in Vietnam and terrible riots erupted after the murder of black leader Martin Luther King.



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