New Generations: Why Well-being Is The Future Of Companies – Economic, Financial And Business News

In the coming decades, today’s youth are going to make up the majority of the world’s workforce. And like all generations, they have specific interests and concerns, founded on latent needs. When it comes to the world of work, various studies show that for those between the ages of 18 and 35, their well-being is an essential aspect of their lives.

We know that younger professionals are characterized by giving great importance to social ties, the work-life balance and the feeling of community, all factors that are part of emotional and social well-being. Furthermore, they are a generation focused on accumulating life experiences rather than material achievements.

How does this affect companies? According to a survey by the international consulting firm Deloitte, young people prefer companies that take care of their well-being, and ensure their development and personal growth: for 37% this dimension is a priority. However, according to the same report, there is a gap between these expectations and corporate policies, since only 17% of leaders rank wellbeing in their organizations.


In Argentina, there is no time to lose to start responding to these demands. According to INDEC estimates, at present, those under 30 years of age make up 21.7% of the employed population, a figure that will grow as previous generations retire.

In recent years, many technology companies have incorporated free-time activities, redesigned their spaces to make them more open and collaborative, and added more flexible work modes such as the home office. On the basis of these measures, it was that such organizations became an aspirational place for young professionals.

Implementing wellness measures is, today, an imperative long-term investment to allow the development of our companies in the future. Only in this way will we be able to attract and retain young talent, and take advantage of the intellectual capital that these generations bring. So necessary for the digital transformation processes of our companies. Investing in a wellness program like Vitality based on technology and resources such as gaming is one of the answers to this challenge.