New IPads And MacBook Air Arrived With No Launch Event – Video

It is.
It is.
Be boldly two new products. Well three because when it comes to eleven and twelve points nine inches.
And a new stain is in town two of these products that first of all wanted to trigger the fact that we are all two.
One hundred launch as usual and rather through a statement on the web is not the first.
That the company launches products in this way, but generally they are not important fruits such as age, but rather updates of agricultural products, has forced everything to change its exchange operations.
The way you present us with new products.
One of the reasons why I do think there was going to be an event going on is.
Pulecio who had prepared a video in Liza when the other two were through statements. He has not prepared this great video as we want and from the central but rather that he did not tell us.
In one of the reasons the other reason is obviously because of the rumors we have been hearing.
It does not indicate if they exist and other products as it has done with the premiere of the iphone.
Nine the one that we are also in a great moment of killing the with friends to caused seven of many of the people many of the manufacturers. In gin two.
So there is no one who did not have it and from there with the one who did not launch it for this reason they do not have it if we are not going to see the future.
We will simply see each other when we also stayed on other products that we had heard about in the Lorena position and also about thirty of our creditors.
Eltingh delimits well that he does in his conference is the worst since the usual.
It will no longer meet right here in the US. In June, the first week of June, it was based on the Internet only and they also had to be closed.
Eight stores destined outside we saw we have to deal with this situation. It’s just that I’ve never lived in the world.
I hope all of you to Angel Gimeno of these two.
To ETA as I said eleven inches five hundred future faculty as in the two of the two thousand and seven had not been updated for two years, so we see much of the technology that we talk about mysterious with the arrival of these.
Nosaka like the one in Le Pen Ultra Wide Angle now has two half lenses.
And one RD hours. Or a sector of depth that would allow a new illusion of augmented reality scorpion.
This also implies that you have to have a better processor as usual in this case the two is called respects Jonny.
And also sank in Vienna in the former Adrian duration we do not know that the excellent means better or worse than the fair not the question would be soon we will have the first look huh and cannon.
And the other important thing about these new to this excellent and they will have support or compatibility with the Bulls minutes.
This implies that Ana swindlers and Gives a new keyboard in which the grail for almost scanner but also now that it is called magic equipment that has a record in touch percent.
That allows you to do these things this new will come there are also parents and former not only new ones.
With the update. Become still is presented four.
And the ones that I wanted to mention about the most prominent in the price range the same price as that of two thousand eighteen and ninety-nine to seven hundred and eleven dollars.
For the eight-inch version, nine hundred and ninety-nine schoolchildren at the two point nine inches.
I’m fine but since it’s the theme in the old one, add three hundred dollars or three hundred and five dollars to your account and for that you better buy yourself with a computer. Because the one that we revive no no.
It was not because the brands even though they do not arrive weakened and Neapolitan to the environment as the place is now because the band because it looks a lot like the previous one that the three thousand eighteen.
Copper with a change keys if the keyboard was changed, finally told the script to this keyboard of the butterfly what you want and the tension and position.
While this one’s.
It has been detected. Main actions for which I do not at least not update and as a good panista choice of I do not have nine hundred and six units and with whom he says that he does not have two ports.
That does not forgive.
Because it is also wrong because I have really cost about nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars you will remember that in two thousand and eighteen.
They told him before the Air and one thousand ninety-nine dollars macbook even though he would use nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars on the side.
As for specifications. Four in the tenth generation areas twenty to the law.
You hear and guide age and in the fifth the storage capacity. Than on the previous machine.
And now it begins when you have fifty-six gigabytes of storage. And I bet we can figure up to two megabytes of storage. Which means that the fact that that perpetrated here becomes a much more powerful machine.
That it is a little cheaper insane since it requires the peace and storage of things more.
I was very excited about this update to the macbook and if I had the nine hundred thousand dollars nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars I would update and at this moment it was a lie with this visit to a property in addition to this they also launched.
The covers are more for the site with eleven said nothing to him and of this flight from new strap for him to Cuba. And it is until we stay waiting for school that hepatitis is cheaper than the iphone in all states of the exposed that we are waiting for the tie in the ear.
And that’s among these looters. Those of us who had been listening already set up after the window last week.
He said that believers grades twelve products. The air code fourteen and that so we still have them the question is when we.
Because I have not known to be able to get out of this situation we are all in the same so we forgive it today we will continue waiting.
To say in Iraq it is these products at least meanwhile they are not giving a stock index. And not products and things to talk about and that with the dismissal and I hope that everyone is healthy and that of the surviving. This difficult stage.
And I invite you all all the details of what was released in Spanish cinemas. Who along with him will also be supporting them on youtube as possible.
Spain is the.