New Jersey Records Record of Deaths from COVID-19 with 402 in 24 Hours

New Jersey Tops Record Of Deaths From COVID-19 With 402 In 24 Hours

New Jersey – The state of New Jersey, the second most affected in the United States by the coronavirus pandemic, has registered this Tuesday its record of deaths from COVID-19 with 402 in the data collected in the last 24 hours.

As a result, the number of people killed in New Jersey by the coronavirus has increased to 6,442.

Likewise, in this state there are reported 113,856 cases of COVID-19 among its nine million residents after authorities reported another 2,887 on Tuesday. Of the 402 new deaths, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy noted, however, that surely not all deaths and cases announced Tuesday occurred on the last day due to weekend reporting delays.


“This is not necessarily a one-day total,” Murphy said during his daily coronavirus press conference in Trenton.
“We were already expecting more deaths to occur over the weekend,” he insisted.

Still, New Jersey continues to have the second-highest number of deaths and cases among US states, after neighboring New York.

Despite the growing number, officials have emphasized that hospitalizations for the virus continue to decline and that the curve of new cases is stabilizing.

Murphy said the goal is “to bend the curve” for cases and hospitalizations and “to keep going down.” “That curve is happening, but we have to see that it literally drops and plummets,” he added. Tuesday’s figures were released a day after Murphy revealed a comprehensive roadmap outlining the benchmarks New Jersey must meet before it can gradually begin to lift home stay restrictions and nonessential business closings.

Which were implemented to help reduce the spread of the virus five weeks ago. “We know that we still have weeks to go before we can announce the first business openings,” added the governor. More than 210,000 New Jersey residents have been screened for coronavirus, and 120,503 have tested negative.