New Proposal! MLB Offers 76-game Season With 75% Pay

According to multiple major league sources, the MLB office and franchise owners have submitted a new proposal to the baseball union considering a 76-game season.

This new proposal would include the following points:

76-date calendar (closer to what the players wanted)
Prorated 75% salary (somewhat better than initial owners proposal, though still substantial enough to be a problem in negotiations)
Regular season would end on September 27
Playoffs would end in October
Also in the playoffs there would be a “money bag” to distribute among players (the amount was not specified)
And there would be no draft pick compensation for whoever signs a free agency player (we didn’t understand how much that adds to the negotiations).


And that would be it.

The proposal in general we believe is a good starting point for negotiations that are supposed to be expedited this week.

There is no more: if MLB wants to return soon it needs to start taking definitive steps towards a solid agreement.

Will this proposal be a good start? They like?

as 1st reported by @karlravechespn source confirms: MLB made MLBPA proposal for 75 pct prorated salaries / 76-game season. No draft pick compensation this offseason if team signs a free agent.

– Joel Sherman (@ Joelsherman1) June 8, 2020



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