New "record" Of Donald Trump On Twitter

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, broke his activity record on Twitter on Wednesday in a single day since arriving at the White House with 142 tweets and retweets.

This was indicated by the porter Factbase, which monitors the activity on Twitter of the US president and explained that 124 were retweets and 18 tweets.

His previous record, with 123 tweets and retweets, was set just a month ago, on December 12; although his absolute record is before entering the Presidency, on January 5, 2015, when he made 161.


Trump's record on Wednesday coincided with the first day of accusatory allegations by the Democratic opposition in the political trial held against him in the Senate and that could end, although unlikely, in his dismissal.

It was precisely in the political trial that the tweets and retuits that the US ruler carried out during a day that began in Davos (Switzerland) and ended in Washington were largely focused.

The hours of tweets and retweets indicate that Trump dedicated part of the transoceanic flight aboard the presidential Air Force One to Twitter.

In addition to the political trial, Trump tweeted about trade and China, also about the primary elections of the Democratic Party or about the Soccer World Cup of 2026, which the US will host with Canada and Mexico.

Also from the World Economic Forum of Davos, immigration or the T-MEC, as the new free trade agreement of North America is known.



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