New Republican Setback: Although By Tight Margin, Louisiana Voters Re-elect Their Democratic Governor | Univision Politics News

John Bel Edwards, Democratic Governor of Louisiana, won re-election on Saturday night, surpassing by a tight margin his Republican contender Eddie Rispone, backed by President Donald Trump.

Appealing to bipartisan and state affairs, the moderate Edwards managed to gather enough support to defeat the Republican businessman with approximately 51% of the votes in an election that Republicans counted on winning.

Donald Trump himself was involved in the campaign to return the state to his party, but his participation not only mobilized the conservatives but also motivated a greater participation of black voters and contrary to the president's policies, which ultimately led Edwards got the victory.


After knowing the results, the governor thanked his followers, who had gathered at a real party with songs and dances and to refer to the president used an expression that Southerners often use to denigrate someone in a gentle and elegant way: “God bless his heart, ”Edwards said when referring to Trump.

Edwards promised that over the next four years his administration would focus on increasing workforce training, investing more in education, including early childhood education, working to improve medical care, raising the minimum wage and moving forward in major projects. Infrastructure

"If this campaign has taught us anything, it is that the partisan forces in Washington DC are not strong enough to break the ties we share as inhabitants of Louisiana," Edwards said, adding: "There is much more to unite us than that divides us. "

Edwards has achieved re-election in a conservative state where Trump won by 20 percentage points in 2016. This is the second Democratic victory in a red state this month. After the defeat in Kentucky and the overwhelming legislative victory of the Democrats in Virginia, the result in Louisiana is a severe setback for Republicans in the face of the 2020 presidential elections.

Trump made three trips to that state to mobilize voters against Edwards and turned the second-round elections between Edwards and Rispone into a test of his own popularity and political skill. But the result has not favored him.

Even so, although the loss of state governance may cast doubt on Trump's popularity, Louisiana is expected to back him in the presidential elections.

John Bel Edwards, on the other hand, is a voice contrary to many policies of the Democratic Party itself, which opted for him to defeat the president's candidate, despite the fact that the governor, a West Point graduate and former Army guardians, opposes Most of the arms restrictions, signed one of the nation's strictest abortion bans and has publicly shown not to agree with the impeachment investigation, which he considers "a distraction."

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