New rule in Florida: parents decide if their children are quarantined for exposure to COVID-19

New Rule In Florida: Parents Decide If Their Children Are Quarantined For Exposure To COVID-19

Miami – Parents with school-age children will now decide in Florida whether or not the minors serve a quarantine in case they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, but do not show symptoms of the disease.

The new head of Health in the state, Joseph Ladapo, appointed this Tuesday and opposed to mandatory masks and vaccines like the governor, Ron DeSantis, issued a new emergency rule for the pandemic with immediate effect.

Until now, those asymptomatic minors, but with previous exposure to COVID-19, had to do four days of mandatory quarantine.


The new rule establishes that if this situation occurs, it is the parents who will decide whether to leave them in quarantine for seven days from the exposure to COVID-19 or send them to school and school activities without the need for restrictions or treatments. as long as they are asymptomatic.

In case they present symptoms or it is confirmed with a laboratory test that they have contracted the virus, they should stay home until they test negative for the coronavirus and 10 days have passed since the first symptoms.

With an order from a doctor or his assistant they can also go back to school.

Republican DeSantis on Tuesday named Ladapo, who is a doctor of health policy from Harvard University, to succeed Scott Rivkees as the state surgeon general.

In his first remarks since his appointment, Ladapo said that he will not let “fear” dominate public health policy in Florida as, he said, does at the federal level.

“We are going to be very explicit about the differences between science and our opinions. What has been happening for the last year is that people have taken science and misrepresented it, ”he stressed.

Ladapo said that vaccines are not the only way to fight COVID-19 and that getting immunized is a personal choice.

“The state should promote good health and vaccination is not the only way to achieve this. It has been treated almost like a religion, ”he stressed.

With the philosophy of making Florida “the state of freedom,” Republican DeSants reduced lockdown and business closures to a minimum at the start of the pandemic and to this day has never mandated the use of masks at the state level.

In addition, a state law has prevented companies and institutions from requiring vaccination certificates, including cruise ships.

Their most controversial decision, however, is to leave it to the parents of the students to decide whether or not their children wear masks to school, which in fact constitutes a prohibition to force the use of this preventive measure.

Several school districts have rebelled against this decision and parents and civic organizations have filed lawsuits against the state of Florida.

According to the website on COVID-19 from Johns Hopkins University, Florida is the state where the most people have died from this disease in the country in the last 28 days: 9,168.

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Florida has accumulated 3.5 million cases and 51,884 deaths, which means that it is the third state with the most infections and the fourth with the most deaths in the entire country, according to Johns Hopkins University.