New York begins detailing the criteria for its reopening from mid-May

New York Begins Detailing The Criteria For Its Reopening From Mid-May

New York – With several areas of the United States beginning its reopening, the state of New York, the most affected by the coronavirus in the country, began this Tuesday to detail the criteria that will guide its gradual return to activity, which is expected to begin by phases from May 15.

“It is a plan based on facts and data to reopen by region, which will keep them safe and will allow the economy to be reactivated in stages,” explained Governor Andrew Cuomo, who made it clear that he will not be guided by “emotions” or protests. asking for reopening.

At a press conference, Cuomo said that both the deaths – 335 on the last day – and the new hospitalizations for COVID-19, which have dropped from a thousand for the first time in a month, continue to decline, but insisted that there is still much to do. Overcome the pandemic, especially in New York City and the closest areas.


Meanwhile, in the north and west of the state the indicators of the disease are similar to those registered in states that are already starting to reopen.

In the case of New York, to start reopening, each region must have registered a continuous decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases for two weeks, something that several are expected to comply with by May 15, the date on which they expire. current containment measures.

Authorities, however, do not see it as feasible in New York City “unless a miracle occurs,” Cuomo said.

The revival of the economy will start with the industrial and construction sectors, always with strong protection measures, and then see how it expands.

According to the governor, the reopening is also reviewable and, among the main indicators, it will be taken into account that hospitals are at all times below 70% occupancy and that the coronavirus transmission rate remains below 1.1 to avoid a great regrowth.

In addition, it will be necessary to have sufficient testing capacity, places to isolate positives, and a case-tracking system, with at least 30 specialists per 100,000 people, among other things.

Asked about the possibility of schools reopening before the end of the course, Cuomo said the decision will be announced later this week.


In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that there will be a massive virtual graduation for students completing their high school year and said it would serve as a day of “inspiration and support” that will be “memorable.”

In addition, the New York mayor pointed out that the city will adapt the evaluation criteria and improvement of the school year course to the situation generated by COVID-19 and affirmed that changes had already occurred in the educational curricula to adapt them to the new reality.

On the other hand, a series of photographs of Metro cars with homeless people installed in them has caused a stir in the Big Apple and have caused a confrontation between local leaders for who is responsible for taking action.

Cuomo, at a press conference from the city of Syracuse, also entered the rag, calling the images “disgusting” and stressing that the situation poses a danger to the homeless themselves and essential workers who use public transport.