New York Borough Puts Residents On Diet During Quarantine

New York – Authorities in Huntington, a town near New York, have recommended that their 200,000 citizens follow a free virtual diet and exercise program to combat obesity and stay healthier during confinement due to the coronavirus crisis, according to media reports. local this Thursday.

Putting Huntington on a Diet is an initiative that aims to “help combat the weight gain many of us are experiencing due to the confinement of COVID-19” through online fitness classes provided by local businesses and briefings with British surgeon David Buchin via his Facebook page.

It was announced by Democratic legislator and doctor William Spencer, who considered that “people are in their homes feeding on food that is not nutritious” and warned that the coronavirus “has a greater impact on those who have morbidity conditions such as diabetes, tension discharge, asthma and other things associated with obesity. “


At the program’s presentation, City Clerk Andrew Raia noted that part of his job is to sign residents’ death certificates and every time his phone rings these days, he knows “that someone else has died in Huntington” because of the pandemic, which encouraged him to collaborate on the proposal.

For his part, Buchin said that people will gain an average of 14 pounds during the coronavirus crisis and that is why he participates in virtual sessions to talk about “obesity and its risk factors” and give advice on “how to control emotional eating, avoid “comfort” and carbohydrate-rich food and make healthy shopping lists, “according to the NBC channel.

The program’s tips include eating fruits and vegetables, planning meals, weighing yourself often, exercising, getting enough sleep, and hydrating.

The town has already been taking steps to encourage its older citizens to keep moving during confinement with videos of stretching and basic exercises being broadcast on local public television channels, the Newsday newspaper reported.