New York Cancels Its Democratic Presidential Primaries On COVID-19

Washington – The New York Electoral Board today canceled the Democratic presidential primaries in that state, which had been rescheduled for June 23, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to understand that they are unnecessary in the face of the withdrawal of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, while supporting former Vice President Joe Biden, has wanted to remain on the presidential primary ballot, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčgathering more delegates to discuss the government program of the United States Democratic Party.

Democrats on the Board of Elections considered, however, that under the current circumstances a symbolic contest was unnecessary.


Canceling the primaries avoids holding votes in 20 of the state’s counties where there are no other elections on June 23. But, that same day, there will still be primaries for the seats in the federal Congress.

Originally, the Democratic presidential primaries were to take place on April 28. The Republican primaries, for failing to challenge President Donald Trump in the state, had been canceled last February.

The Our Revolution movement, created by Sanders, did not rule out objecting to the participation of the New York delegation that was sent to the Democratic presidential convention, scheduled for August in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

“Suppressing the Sanders vote in New York will again lead to attacks on the party across the country and harm the voluntary effort that our group and others are building for Joe Biden,” said Larry Cohen, president of Our Revolution, according to The New York Times.



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