New York Exceeds 25,600 Coronavirus Deaths

New York – New York State has exceeded 25,600 deaths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University, while the daily number of deaths continues to decline, with 231 in the last hours, as announced this Wednesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo pointed out that deaths in the last hours stood at 231, marking the sixth consecutive day of deaths below 300, and that new hospitalizations were 607, six more than the previous day.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which maintains a national and global case count, sometimes different from that of local authorities, the total number of fatalities in New York State from the new coronavirus exceeds 25,600.


The data of this center, which usually adds up to suspicious cases, such as those who died in their homes without test, differs from those offered by the state government, whose death toll is 20,800.

New York already exceeded the figure of 20,000 deaths this week, which has only been broken by countries such as Spain, France, the United Kingdom or Italy.

In his daily press conference, Cuomo announced that he has decided to extend the moratorium for evictions that he aspired on June 20, until August 20, to prevent families affected by the economic crisis derived from the expansion of the COVID pandemic -19 meet on the street.

The extension, applied for the first time on March 20, also applies to commercial premises, which mostly had to be closed in mid-March, when the authorities prohibited any non-essential commercial activity.

Likewise, the governor announced the prohibition to impose surcharges or fees for defaults during the validity of the moratorium and assured that they are also working on finding measures to alleviate the pressures that owners of apartments and commercial premises may suffer from banks.

The governor unveiled the new moratorium after emphasizing the slow rate of decrease in the number of infected and deceased daily, which contrasts with the rapidity that these figures rose when the first outbreaks were detected.

In his appearance today, Cuomo also expressed concern about the increase in people with food needs that they cannot meet due to lack of means, and insisted that the state has launched a $ 25 million program to buy food from farms in the North of the state to deliver them to the most needy people through what are known as “food banks”.

He emphasized the economic problems that the government is going through, which will stop entering $ 13.5 billion due to the COVID-19 crisis, and made a public appeal to contribute to the financing of this program.