New York Has Almost 115,000 Homeless Students

New York – A total of 114,085 high school students in New York City were identified in the 2018-2019 academic year as "homeless" by the New York State Center for Technical and Educational Assistance for Homeless Students (NYS) -TEACHS, for its acronym in English).

The figures, released Monday, indicate that 80 percent of these students are black or Hispanic and, according to the "Advocates for Children of New York" center, the number of students identified as "homeless" has grown by 70 percent in the last decade.

The study specifies that in the 2018-2019 academic year, more than 34,000 students lived in reception centers and that another 73,750 shared a room in the homes of relatives, friends or other types of homes, which are not identified.


According to Advocates for Children, less than a third of students considered homeless have good reading proficiency and only 57 percent of these children conclude the institute, a percentage that falls below 50 when it comes to young people living in shelters

The center points out that not getting the high school diploma multiplies by 4.5 the chances of them becoming homeless adults, compared to their fellow students who do not suffer from this problem.

Despite the measures applied by the authorities to address this issue, such as the designation of support workers, the increase in the enrollment of minors in public schools and the offer of reading programs in some reception centers, the Advocates for Children center He points out that they are not enough.

In this sense, he insists that about half of the families that are located in shelters, children study in centers located in different districts, complicating their school attendance.

The center emphasizes that two thirds of the students who live in reception centers do not attend school regularly, "which helps explain the poor results" they obtain.