New York Increases Access To Evidence For COVID-19

New York – New York City authorities increase their ability to conduct medical tests to detect the coronavirus by offering them at more than 150 different points in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio reported Monday.

The collaboration agreement between Albert Einstein College of Medicine and local businesses “Print Parts” and “Collab” focuses on the weekly production of 60,000 test kits for the week of June 1, according to De Blasio.

“We will continue as far as necessary to ensure that every New Yorker who requires proof receives it,” added the mayor.


De Blasio announced Sunday that the emergency healthcare company CityMD would offer testing for COVID-19 at its 123 care centers, bringing the number of testing sites in the city to more than 150.

According to the mayor, the city government maintains the hiring of health personnel to trace the contacts of people who tested positive for COVID-19.

“All the pieces – the testing equipment, the testing centers, the labs, the tracking staff – are brought together to provide us with the huge and robust testing and tracking program we need to stop this disease and move forward in this city,” said.