New York Investigates 100 Cases Of Children With COVID-19-linked Disease

New York – New York State is investigating a hundred cases of minors with an inflammatory disease possibly related to COVID-19 from which three have died so far, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported Tuesday.

Cuomo, in his daily update on the coronavirus, said that the contagion curve continues “in decline” in the face of the economic reopening that will begin this Friday in some northern regions of the state, but he drew attention to the “worrying” problem of this childhood disease “that seems to be created by the virus” and that can “affect the heart”.

He added that the ages of the hundred cases investigated by the Health Department are varied and reach up to 21 years, but more than half are concentrated in a range between 5 and 14 years, while the deceased were 5, 7 and 18 years old. .


The symptoms are similar to those of Kawasaki disease or the syndrome of toxic ‘shock’, Cuomo said, highlighting that children do not have respiratory symptoms, more common in COVID-19, but others such as fever, rashes and abdominal pain, and it has ordered the hospitals to prioritize the tests for those who suffer from them.

Slight rebound

Cuomo reported a slight rebound in the deceased newspapers, with 195 registered this Monday (34 more than the previous day), but explained that hospitalizations continue to drop and the data in general points to a decrease in the curve. In all, 27,169 people have died in New York, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University.

He stressed the importance of covering his face and complying with social distancing and, in this sense, revealed that the infection rate of nurses and emergency workers is “lower than that of the general population” despite directly dealing with positive cases of COVID-19, arguing that the measures “work”.

“Do you think a nurse or a doctor is wearing space suits? No, they are wearing surgical masks and N95. Many are wearing a front viewfinder. Precautions work, if they do it in an emergency room they will do it for the rest (…). You will see a reopening, and an infection rate that will not grow dramatically. But it is up to you, “he said.

Smart reopening

The governor held a press conference later today because he “wanted to listen” to the main epidemiologist of the US Government, Anthony Fauci, to appear on the situation of the pandemic before the Senate, and he quoted him saying that “if the recommendations “from the authorities,” there is a real risk of causing a regrowth. “

“We now have a better curve than that of other states and certainly that of the US as a whole. So we are going to reopen, but we still have to be smart,” added Cuomo, who asked to “learn from mistakes” from China, South Korea or Germany and keep the transmission rate low and other factors that local administrations will control.

In this sense, he said that, if the New York companies “open too soon”, before entering the phase that allows it, the health authorities of each municipality will be in charge of “applying the rules” and conditions of the reopening, which could entail sanctions or fines, he warned.

On the other hand, Cuomo again claimed the federal government $ 61 billion in funds for schools, local administrations and hospitals, and assured that the Democratic and Republican governors are “working together” and Washington should “listen” instead of “raising taxes” , as has happened in New York.