New York is close to reopening the economy of other regions

New York Is Close To Reopening The Economy Of Other Regions

New York – The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, reported this Sunday that the capital and western region of the state meet six of the seven requirements to reopen their economies, which due to the coronavirus have been on hiatus since March 22 So they will be able to join other five zones that already took that step last Friday.

During his daily appearance, Cuomo explained that these areas, all in the north of the state, only have to increase the tracking staff for the virus and assured that “we will work with them” to achieve it, and clarified that it is only an administrative process.

He also indicated that the capital region needs 166 trackers for a total of 383 and thus begin phase I of the reopening that allows certain businesses, including construction, manufacturing and wholesale sales centers, to restart operations at a time when that cases of the virus have continued to decline.


The western region must have another 352 for a total of 521 trackers, said the governor.

“There is still a need to increase tracing, the number of people who are prepared to do the tracing, and that is a purely administrative function,” he said.

“When this is accomplished, then those regions can be opened,” reiterated Cuomo, who underwent the COVID-19 nasal test during the conference, after which he urged all residents of the state to follow in his footsteps.

“It doesn’t hurt,” said Cuomo, who reported that the death toll continues to drop to 139 for Saturday, compared to 157 on Friday.

He did not indicate numbers for the indicators of new contagion, intubations or people in intensive care. “We are where we started (before the peak of the cases) and we don’t want to go back,” he said.

After announcing that five regions would enter the first phase of reopening the economy, Cuomo this week extended to the rest of the state his New York plan in Pause, which includes confinement, until May 28 and will only be lifted when those regions comply with the requirements.

Restarting operations requires a two-week drop in deaths and hospitalizations, a sufficient ratio of hospital beds and intensive care, and a plan to have 30 contact trackers per 100,000 residents.

The governor also announced that he is working on an initiative to provide mental health assistance to state residents who have been affected by the pandemic, under the name of “How are you really?”.

He recalled that 78 days ago the pandemic was declared in New York, which has affected the lives of many people, who have been subject to the guidelines of staying home to prevent the spread of the virus.

The governor noted that 40,000 COVID-19 tests are performed daily in New York, far more than any other state in the United States. per capita or any country.

He announced that the CVS pharmacy chain will join the sites that carry out these tests, with the ability to do 50 or more per day in each of their locations.