New York is facing its most critical period due to the coronavirus

New York Is Facing Its Most Critical Period Due To The Coronavirus

New York City will enter a critical phase of the coronavirus fight this week amid official warnings of grim death tolls and unprecedented challenges to the overwhelmed public health system.

Very few people took to the streets, and those who did it, either to get a little exercise or to buy basic items, did so with gloves and masks.

The quarantine picture was unambiguous as New Yorkers faced their fourth week of isolation.


All businesses were closed except for essential ones. They closed theaters, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops. Practically the only thing open is pharmacies and markets. A few restaurants were open but only accepted take-out or home delivery orders.

The spring break in schools was canceled. One measure that caused controversy was the decision to maintain classes even on Passover and Good Friday. The educational authorities explained the decision stating that it was necessary to maintain the continuation of online learning.