New York is the third state of the United States. in banning plastic bags

New York Is The Third State Of The United States. In Banning Plastic Bags

New York – New York State has become the third in the US this Sunday. to implement the ban on the use of plastic bags, a measure that aims to drastically reduce the waste produced by the region and that affect the environment.

New York joins California, which implemented similar regulations in 2016, and Oregon, which did the same two months ago.

It is estimated that New Yorkers use about 23,000 million plastic bags a year, but this new law that comes into effect with the beginning of March prohibits most businesses from distributing them among their customers.


In addition, citizens of New York will now have to pay five cents for each paper bag they use in supermarkets and other stores, which aims to cease the use of reusable bags.

That is why the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has participated in recent days in delivery of these reusable bags to the general public.

This Friday, he went to Union Square, in the center of Manhattan, to distribute to the citizens thousands of these articles, where he said that “there is only one opportunity to save the planet.”

“Reducing the use of plastic bags will help us create a more sustainable city,” said De Blasio.

In total, the New York Department of Sanitation has distributed in the last two months about 200,000 free reusable bags, a number that amounts to 800,000 since 2016.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will be responsible for compliance with the new law, which will give a first notice to businesses that are not complying with the regulations, then impose a fine of $ 250 after the second notice, and another of $ 500 from the third.

However, several types of plastic bags are exempt from this law, including those that involve raw meat or fish, those that cover sliced ​​food, those used in dry cleaning businesses and in pharmacies, or those used by restaurants in the delivery of food at home.

The plastic bags used in the household for waste will also continue to be sold to the consumer.