New York Lifts Curfew After Another Day Of Mass Protests Against Racism Worldwide

The mobilizations started after the death of George Floyd continue to be the protagonists of the United States and of different countries, which take to the streets the fight against police violence and institutional racism.


This Sunday New York announced the end of the curfew imposed every night since last Monday, after a new day of massive protests. “We are going to lift the curfew, with immediate effect,” the mayor, Bill de Blasio, reported on Twitter, who stressed that on the eve “the best of our city” had been seen.

De Blasio was referring to a day in which thousands of people took to the streets in all districts to continue the mobilizations. And although some protesters again defied the curfew, this time the police allowed the marches to continue without intervening, after having done it with great force on other days.

For his part, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, ordered this Sunday the withdrawal from Washington of 3,900 reservists soldiers of the National Guard deployed to contain the protests, already converted into a peaceful movement that requires immediate changes in police tactics.

“I just gave the order to the National Guard to begin the process of withdrawing from Washington, D.C., now that everything is under perfect control. They will go home, but they can return quickly if we need them,” the president announced on Twitter.

In the UK, a group of protesters have overthrown the statue of 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston in the English city of Bristol, among many other anti-racism protests in the country on Sunday.

Protesters in the southwestern town of England tore down the controversial bronze monument erected in 1895 in the town center and rolled it down the streets into the harbor.

The statue of Colston (1636-1721), a benefactor of the city who obtained his money from the trade and the exploitation of slaves, had already been the subject of controversy and motivated a citizen request for its removal.

Also in Brussels, more than 10,000 people gathered this Sunday in front of the Palace of Justice, in the center of the capital. However, during these mobilizations some groups have begun to throw stones at the windows of certain stores that they have subsequently looted.

A violent response that contrasts with the pacifism with which the demonstrations have developed in other places such as Rome. The rally was held in the Roman Piazza del Popolo and had been called by movements such as that of the Italian “sardines”, which was born spontaneously in protest against far-right policies, but also by other American associations and organizations in favor of the human rights and against racism.

In Madrid, nearly 3,000 fists were already raised high in front of the US embassy before eleven in the morning. And, after almost an hour of protests to the cry of “I can’t breathe”, “No justice, no peace” or “Black Lives Matter” (“Black lives matter”), in solidarity with the protests running through the United States, spontaneously the crowd has started marching peacefully towards Puerta del Sol.



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