New York “on Hiatus”: Workers Ordered To Stay Home As Coronavirus Cases Exceed 7,000 | Univision Salud News

The surge in new detected cases of covid-19 in New York was so strong this Friday that Governor Andrew Cuomo took the “most drastic measure” they can take in the state that is home to one of the most iconic cities in the United States: order that All workers, except essential workers, stay at home from this Sunday night.

“Due to the high increase in the number of cases, which may overwhelm our healthcare system, I am going to issue an executive order to put New York on hiatus,” said the governor.

“There are two basic rules, only essential businesses will be operating, people can work from home, only essential ones can have their workers moving to work,” he explained. “The second is that they stay home as long as they can to avoid contacts,” he said at a press conference.


Cuomo avoided labeling the measure as a shelter in place – something that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked for – and chose to describe the situation as “a pause”, similar to that ordered by his California peer in the eve.

The decision came after the balance of confirmed cases of the disease caused by the new coronavirus nearly doubled to 7,102. Twenty-eight percent of them, Cuomo said, has required a hospitalization, which is pushing health facilities to the limit of capacity, especially in New York City.

The governor warned that they urgently need fans to be able to attend to those who need them, that they are “for this war what the missiles were for the Second World War.” Below we explain what the measures adopted in the state of almost 20 million inhabitants cover.

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