New York quarantines an area of ​​the city of New Rochelle

New York Quarantines An Area Of ​​the City Of New Rochelle

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced Tuesday the imposition of a “containment area” of a kilometer and a half in the north of the municipality of New Rochelle, in the New York county of Westchester, where the largest “focus of infection of the country “of coronavirus and where it has already sent to the National Guard.

“It is a dramatic action, but it is the main focus of the country and it is a matter of life or death,” said Cuomo at a press conference, in which he indicated that the measure will take effect on March 12 and will end on 25 of this month.

During these two weeks, schools, department stores and places where large groups of people can gather will be closed, Cuomo said, adding that he will deploy the National Guard to help in the containment, cleaning and treatment of the coronavirus.


So far, 108 cases of contagion of COVID-19 have been detected in this municipality.

New Rochelle “is the biggest health challenge we have at the moment in the state and we need a special strategy,” said the governor, before explaining that the National Guard troops will be responsible, among other things, for helping citizens, Deliver food and help with disinfection.

“Cleaning the surfaces (which may be contaminated by the coronavirus) is very important,” he said.

Cuomo also announced the installation of an analysis laboratory in the area to prevent residents from using public transport services. New Rochelle is less than a 30-minute train ride to New York City.

The governor said federal authorities have allowed the Northwell Health private medical center to perform automatic coronavirus screening at its facilities, which will greatly increase the number of tests that can be performed daily.

On the other hand, Cuomo reported that the number of cases across the state has risen to 173 in recent hours, so there are 31 more cases than yesterday.

A total of 108 infected people are in Weschester County, where New Rochelle is, another 36 in New York, 19 in Nassau, 6 in Rockland, 2 in Saratoga and 1 in both Suffolk and Ulster counties.



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