New York Reopens Manicure Salons And Dog Parks

New York – Manicure salons and dog parks reopened Monday as New York City enters a new phase of coronavirus restriction relief, but eating inside restaurants is postponed indefinitely to avoid an increase in infections.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said an additional 50,000 people will return to work as the city enters reopening phase 3, which in addition to nail salons includes tattoo parlors, indoor tanning, and sports such as basketball, volleyball, and handball.

“It will look like more summer again because we made all this effort to get here and we can no longer slack off,” said de Blasio.


The mayor added that eating inside restaurants will be postponed for “a substantial time” since the increase in COVID-19 cases has been linked to attendance at bars and restaurants. However, he indicated that eating abroad has been a great success and now 7,000 restaurants in the city are exclusively serving abroad.

On Monday, the state’s top health official said a rule that prevented nursing homes from denying admission of patients merely because of COVID-19 was not the main reason why nearly 6,300 residents may have died of this disease in the state.

Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said a survey conducted at shelters between March 25 and May 8 found that some 6,300 COVID-19 patients were transferred from hospitals to 310 shelters across the country. He added that 252 of the shelters already had a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus or death before receiving any hospital patient infected with the virus.

There have been 3,565 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 in nursing homes in the state, and it is presumed that there were an additional 2,700 from this cause.

The policy that prevented nursing homes from denying the admission of patients with COVID-19 was reversed in May.