New York reports more than 1,700 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes

New York Reports More Than 1,700 Coronavirus Deaths In Nursing Homes

Albany, New York – New York state reported more than 1,700 deaths from coronavirus in nursing homes, as it faces increasing scrutiny of how it is protecting the most vulnerable population.

At least 4,813 residents with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 have died in 351 of New York’s 613 geriatric institutions since March 1, according to a list released by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The list, released Monday afternoon, includes confirmed and probable death figures for Sunday night.

Nursing home residents comprise nearly a quarter to a fifth of all coronavirus deaths in the state. But the exact number of nursing home residents who have died from COVID-19 remains unknown despite the publication of the list, as it does not include deaths in hospitals or details about cases of COVID-19 in private nursing homes.


Data shows that 22 nursing homes, mostly in New York City and Long Island, have reported at least 40 deaths and that 64 of those facilities have reported between 20 and 49 deaths.

The Parker Jewish Institute in Queens and the Isabella Geriatric Center – one of New York City’s largest nursing homes with 705 beds – have reported the highest death rates: 71 and 64, respectively.

Audrey Waters, a spokeswoman for the Isabella Geriatric Center, stated in an email last week that “Isabella, like all other nursing homes in New York City, initially had limited access to extensive testing to quickly diagnose our residents and This hampered our ability to identify those who had the virus, but were asymptomatic, despite our efforts to quickly separate those who carry the virus. “

In many cases, the new list reveals far more deaths than previously reported: the Isabella Geriatric Center had 13 coronavirus deaths as of May 1; it now reports 21 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 and another 43 deaths allegedly from the virus. The Ozanam Hall home in Queens now reports 53 deaths, up from 10 previously.

Army veterans homes have also been affected: the Long Island State Veterans Home has reported 53 deaths, including 48 confirmed by the virus and five likely. The New York State Veterans Home, in Queens, has reported 33 deaths and the New York State Veterans Home, in Westchester, 22.

On March 2, Cuomo promised to make “a special effort” to protect nursing homes. The state ordered the facility to limit visits and visiting hours, and then suspended all visits beginning March 12.