New York Rules Out Quarantine Despite Rising COVID-19 Cases

New York – New York does not have, for now, plans to impose a quarantine in any of its cities despite the increase in cases of coronavirus in this state, which now reach 1,374 positives, 432 more than the previous day, said today Tuesday Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The governor wanted to keep up with the rumors that speak of a quarantine in the Big Apple, where the closure of public schools, theaters, cinemas, bars or restaurants, which can only serve takeout food, has already been decreed.

“We hear that New York City is going to be quarantined. That is not true,” Cuomo said at a press conference, recalling that such a measure has to be approved by his government and cannot be imposed by the municipalities.


“We have no interest, no plan, to quarantine any city,” he insisted.

His words come after some local politicians, including New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, have called for such a move, in line with the one he has taken in the San Francisco area, where He has imposed house confinement for residents of the area.

Today, in an interview on CNN, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had said that he is “considering” the possibility of ordering citizens to remain in their homes.

Cuomo insisted that there will be no such measure that applies to cities separately, since it would not be effective, since many people would choose to move to other towns in the region before its entry into force, which would be counterproductive.

According to Cuomo, “there are a lot of steps” to take before imposing quarantine, especially actions to limit “density” in many places.

Additional restrictions

In that sense, the governor assured that there are likely to be “more dramatic closings” soon, starting with non-essential business, as has been done in other countries.

The objective, he explained, is always to slow down the rate of infections so that the health system is not overwhelmed. At the current rate, he warned, New York would not have enough hospital beds and especially in intensive care units when the worst of the crisis comes.

According to Cuomo, there are projections that the “peak” of the disease in New York will arrive in 45 days and that, at that time, between 55,000 and 110,000 hospital beds could be needed, when the state has a total of about 53,000, and between 18,600 and 37,200 places in intensive care, compared to 3,000.

As a result, the government is mobilizing to launch more hospitals by adapting other buildings, recruiting more staff at medical schools, and asking retired doctors and nurses to make themselves available.

Cuomo again asked for help from the federal administration and reached out to President Donald Trump to cooperate despite the attacks they have exchanged on Twitter in recent days.

Cases go up

The number of confirmed cases now stands at 1,374, 432 more than 24 hours earlier, making New York the most affected state in the United States.

Deaths totaled 12 today, still far from nearly fifty recorded in Washington state.

New York City, with 644 positives and a rise of 187 from the previous day, is the most affected area, followed by Westchester County, on the outskirts, where 157 new cases brought the total to 380.



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