New York To Manufacture Hand Sanitizer In Shortage Of Coronavirus

New York – The state of New York will begin to manufacture hand sanitizers for use in public centers in the face of the shortage and cost of this product due to the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, which already affects 142 people in this region.

“We have heard from local governments (who have complained) that the acquisition of hand sanitizers has been a real problem,” Cuomo told a news conference.

The company responsible for its manufacture will be Corcraft, which depends on the Department of Corrections and employs prisoners to “develop their skills, work ethic, respect and responsibility.”


The governor explained that the state will produce 378,000 liters of this product weekly, which will be distributed to state agencies, schools, the transportation system and prisons, among other places, “because it cannot be obtained in the market and when it is obtained price is very, very high. “

Cuomo described the new disinfectant as “a product superior to those currently on the market (…) with 75 percent alcohol and a very pleasant floral aroma”, and said it will begin to be distributed immediately in the town of New Rochelle, located in Westchester County, where the main source of contagion in the state is located.

A total of 98 people have tested positive in this county, 19 in New York City, 17 in Nassau County and eight in four other regions.

In his speech, Cuomo also threatened the hand sanitizer manufacturing company Purell and online shopping platforms Amazon and E-Bay with marketing the new product if prices of hand sanitizers rise.

“Purell, Mr. Amazon and Mr. E-Bay, if prices continue to rise we will introduce our product that is superior and yours does not even have a scent of flowers, so stop raising prices,” the governor said with some sneer, before note that the production price per liter is $ 1.6.

However, by law, Corcraft, which produces inside prisons, can only sell its products to public agencies and centers.

Last week, Cuomo threatened business owners to withdraw their sales licenses if they inflate the prices of coronavirus-related products excessively.



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