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New York Will Allow The Reopening Of Cinemas Outside The City

New York – Governor Andrew Cuomo reported this Saturday that cinemas outside of New York City may open on October 23 in areas where the contagion rate is less than 2% in 14 days.

Only 50 people will be allowed for each screening, and theaters must have complied with regulations to improve air filtration, ventilation and purification, Cuomo said during a conference on COVID-19.

Social distancing will be required, the use of a mask except when sitting, eating or drinking as well as assigned seats in all theaters that qualify and that are not in the so-called “red zones” of contagion.

The governor also indicated that the state will adopt a strategy to deal with the outbreaks that may have resulted from the reopening of schools and the fall season, where people are more at home due to the change in temperature.

“What does (the virus) have to do with the seasons? It actually has something to do with it and scientists talked about it months ago, although the White House denied it, “he told the conference in which he criticized the federal government.

He explained that for this initiative against “micro-groups” the state will go “block by block” where there have been new cases, instead of targeting an entire county or the state, and testing, mitigation and social distancing will be increased. .

In this way, according to the governor, other areas with a low infection rate will not be affected, a strategy that will continue even if the vaccine is available.

“It requires more testing, more specific testing, and then it must respond to the situation in that specific location with mitigation measures,” he said.

He stressed that attacking the small groups of the outbreak is what they are doing in the “red zones” of the counties of Brooklyn and Queens where there has been an increase in cases of the virus in recent weeks, with positive results.

“The more people can open their business, the more people can go to work, the better,” he said.

Cuomo recalled that the increase in cases in the country will continue to affect this state because people continue to travel to New York.

The Democrat also reported that a new test record was set on Friday, when 159,972 tests were reported, of which 1.11%, or 1,784 were positive.

It also reported that there are 929 patients in hospitals for the virus and that nine people died on Friday from COVID-19.


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