Next Day Pill: The Truth Of How Many Times a Year You Can Take It

Next day pill: the truth of how many times a year you can take it | Pexels

Pill the next day, the truth of how many times a year you can take it. The emergency contraceptive pill should not be used as a regular method and we tell you why.

Many of us at some point have had to resort to the so-called emergency contraceptive methods but have warned us of the risks of using them on a regular basis and if you have asked yourself: the next day's pill up to how many times can I take it, today I will we will say.


Next day pill: the truth of how many times a year you can take it. Photo: Pexels

The emergency pill, the next day or post day, has medical warnings about its frequent use however the reality is that it is very common for women to use it more than the recommended times.

Doctors recommend that the emergency pill or follow-up pill should not be consumed more than two to three times per year, just as you read it, per year, not per month, week or semester.

Emergency pills contain levonorgestrel, a substance that prevents pregnancy after an unprotected intercourse, but this substance has possible health damage that can occur if the medication is used regularly as a common contraceptive.

Levonorgestrel belongs to a class of medications called progestins and acts by preventing the release of an ovum from the ovaries or preventing fertilization by the sperm.

Among the side effects that may occur on a regular basis taking the pill the next day or also known as an emergency pill is the variation in menstruation, causing irregularly increased or decreased bleeding and bleeding may even occur between periods.

The emergency pill or morning-after pill can also cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, abdominal pain, tides and breast tenderness or tenderness. Some women have even experienced weight gain by taking the pill very often.

One of the most notorious and serious effects of emergency pills are hormonal alterations, which can lead to mood swings even in the appearance of beautiful, acne and even cysts.

Specialists recommend that after taking the emergency pill you start with a regular contraceptive method since they contain adequate levels of hormones to prevent pregnancy and long-term health damage.

It should be noted that the emergency pill does not protect against contracting any sexually transmitted disease such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases so it is essential use a regular contraceptive but also a preservative that does protect against sexually transmitted diseases.