NFL Teams May Reopen Facilities Tuesday

NFL teams can begin reopening their facilities on Tuesday, if state and local governments allow it.

A memorandum sent to the 32 teams Friday by Commissioner Roger Goodell and obtained by The Associated Press emphasizes that clubs must act “in compliance with any additional public safety requirements in their jurisdiction.”

They must also “have implemented the protocols developed” by the league’s chief medical officer, Allen Sills, which were distributed to all teams on May 6, Goodell said.


The facilities have been closed since the end of March, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Each team was required to present to the league this week a plan to reopen their training facilities.

“Clubs unable to meet these criteria as of May 19 may reopen their facilities at the earliest date, after the time they have met them,” Goodell explained.

Sills will coordinate a mandatory training program Monday night for infection control chiefs, a new role each team has had to create.

For the reopening, the NFL had already defined the following protocols:

– Until further notice from the NFL, teams may not have more than 50% of their staff on site. The number of people there cannot be greater than 75. If a team wants to deploy personnel to more than one site, all of them must implement the same health and safety protocols, and the combined number of employees in the places cannot exceed 75 .

– Coach staff members cannot return to the facilities during the first phase of reopening. “This is important to ensure equity among the 32 clubs,” Goodell wrote.

– No player may be in the facility, except those who undergo medical treatment or rehabilitation. Coaches in charge of strength and conditioning training, participating in player rehabilitation, can continue these tasks on-site. Otherwise, they will be prohibited from entering until a permit is issued to the rest of the technical personnel.

– Members of staff, sports operations, administration, equipment, medical area and nutrition can attend.

And naturally, any case of COVID-19 at the facility should be reported immediately to Sills and the chief infection control officer. Teams must also immediately report any changes in government regulations on the pandemic.