Nico Castillo Almost Lost His Leg Due To Injury.

Nico Castillo lived the worst stage of his life a couple of months ago, because after being one of the most sought-after forwards on the continent, injuries caused him to fall to the lowest degree to such a degree that his life was in danger. However a couple of days ago the helmsman of our team revealed that # 15 was at risk of never playing soccer again.

During an interview for the Chilean media Encancha, Miguel Herrera, spoke about the situation in the striker’s recovery process, revealing when he could return to the courts, after his leg was put at risk due to the severe injury he suffered.


“His recovery is going well, we are very pleased with how he has evolved. The truth is that we do not know when he will join the team, the doctors will have to discharge him. What happened to him was very serious, his leg was at risk. Fortunately, the doctors did a great job and now he is at home, there is no need to rush anything, “he explained.

Life gave the Chilean a second chance, we are sure that he will give everything on his return and will seek at all costs to succeed dressed in yellow and blue.