Nicolás Cabré, Donald Trump And The Carrera Cartoon | …

* The tributes to Hitchcock of the local TV continue. After the premiere of Catch a thief comes Your part of the deal, a thriller with condiments of black comedy and suspense reminiscent of the sinister Pact hook. It is a joint project of TNT, El Trece, Flow, and is produced by Polka. The series will have eight episodes, its filming has just ended, and its cast is headed by Nicolás Cabré, Eleonora Wexler and Jasmine Stuart.

* Go at the speed of a superpower girl? Demonstrate Gumball's skill? Lower the thumb of Steven Universe's pachorra? The eleventh edition of the Cartoon Network Race will be held on November 17 at the San Isidro Racecourse. In this event, children run together for a tie to an adult. In addition, there will be games, musicians shows and the presence of the characters of the signal. Children up to 13 years old can participate, accompanied by an adult. Tomorrow the inscriptions are reopened at

* Irishman Brendan Gleeson will play Donald Trump in a miniseries for CBS. The delivery is based on the confessions that James Comey will relate in his book A Higher Loyalty. Jeff Daniels will be in charge of composing the former director of the FBI, key in Hillary Clinton's mailgate, as well as in the possible links between the current US president's campaign and Russia. The project is in charge of Billy Ray (Captain Phillips). “It's hard to imagine a bigger acting challenge than playing Donald Trump. You must have presence and a kind of unique dynamism. You must also have the courage and willingness to interpret Trump's psychology from the inside out. Oh, and you have to be spectacularly talented and observable. Brendan does it. I'm ecstatic, ”said the director.



Maggie Bell of FBI (Missy Peregrym). The beautiful agent of the force has a high IQ, is rigorous, firm and born into a family of police. His partner is called O.A. Zidan and practice Islam. Suck on that plausible, Edgard J. Hoover.



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