Nicolás Castillo Returns To The Hospital And Will Be Under Observation

This Thursday, Nicolás Castillo, striker of the Americas, returned to the hospital due to a bleeding in the leg where he was intervened and after a review of the doctors was determined to remain under observation in the hospital.

Because his condition is cardiovascular in nature, these types of situations are of care and they decided to take him to the hospital to review him.

The feathered cadre informed through its social networks that the player attended a medical check-up and turned off alarms about any major incident.


Nico himself notified the doctors of the club about his situation, so they decided to attend the hospital and know first hand everything that happened with the Chilean.

“So far it would not be any serious problem, but it is best to be attentive to any developments. If everything goes in order, today you must return home but I repeat it is best to be aware,” said a source with knowledge of the fact to ESPN.


🏥 Medical part of Nicolás Castillo

Club América reports that our player Nicolás Castillo went to medical review for bleeding in the surgical wound. It has already been controlled. The player continues under observation.

– Club América (@ClubAmerica) February 13, 2020

With information from César Caballero