Nicolás Maduro mocks Mike Pence for fly that landed on his head during debate

Nicolás Maduro Mocks Mike Pence For Fly That Landed On His Head During Debate

Caracas – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Sunday chased away a fly that was flying around him and took the opportunity to mock US Vice President Mike Pence, jokingly stating that the insect belonged to the Republican and its presence constituted a new aggression. of Washington against him.

Last Wednesday during the debate with the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, a fly landed on Pence’s hair, becoming the unexpected protagonist of the event, unleashing memes and taunts on social networks.

“There is a fly out there” prowling the presidential palace in Miraflores, Maduro said during a televised government event. “Mike Pence’s fly came here to Miraflores.”


“He’s turning Mike Pence’s fly. They want to hit me here ”on the head, said the Venezuelan leader. He then exclaimed: “No, no, fly, go home! It is another imperialist aggression ”.

The Maduro government, which severed relations with Washington last year, repeatedly accuses President Donald Trump and other officials of pushing for plans to destabilize his government and force its overthrow. The United States has rejected those claims.

The United States and 50 other countries do not recognize Maduro as the legitimate president of the country, considering that the reelection of the socialist president in 2018 was fraudulent.



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