Nicolás Maduro Said He Has Contacts With The US And That He Would Agree To Meet With Donald Trump: “Whenever, Wherever And However You Want”

The Venezuelan dictator, Nicolás Maduro, revealed that in recent years he maintained "multiple" forms of communication with the United States, while insisting that he is willing to meet with his counterpart, Donald Trump, to establish "a relationship of respect" between both countries.

"We have had multiple ways of communicating with the United States Government during 2017, 18 and 19, some known and others not yet known, because I am a man of dialogue," he said in an interview broadcast by the official media.

From the Miraflores Palace he has defended that “the affairs of the north, of that super power called the United States (…), must be treated with diplomacy, with politics and with the capacity for dialogue”.


"I have said it to the Government of Donald Trump and I have done it: whenever, wherever and however we are ready for dialogue with respect, with height, with dignity, to address bilateral issues and establish new relations bases," he reiterated. .

Maduro also assured that he will keep the hand extended to “anyone who is ruling in the United States”, pointing to the presidential elections that the North American country will hold at the end of the year.

"Hopefully, sooner rather than later, the conscience of the elites of the United States will open up (and realize that) the only positive relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean has to be respect, cooperation and permanent dialogue," he said. trusted.

Doctrine "Monroist-Trumpist"

Maduro has accused the current Donald Trump Administration of reviving the Monroe Doctrine to “impose subordinate elites on their interests to govern and impose their model” in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The result, he said, is "a Latin America in dispute throughout the region and country by country," mentioning the protests that have swept the American subcontinent in recent months.

Specifically, he referred to the "coup d'etat" in Bolivia that ended Evo Morales outside the Burned Palace and refugee in Argentina. For Maduro, the Andean nation is a "bomb" that will end up exploding to "restore the process of change." "The coup forces cannot stop that force," he has predicted.

The Chavista leader has framed the protests in Latin America in a "second cycle" of "global questioning" of neoliberalism that focuses on two "elements of criticism," the concentration of wealth and climate change.

Maduro recalled that the region already lived a first cycle in the 1990s that "resulted in the emergence of a revolutionary revolutionary current that ruled almost every country on the continent headed by Commander Hugo Chávez."

The Venezuelan president has predicted that “the project of (Simón) Bolívar and the liberators” will be imposed on the “neoliberal project of trumpist monroism” and, in this sense, he has mentioned the recent change in the Casa Rosada, where Mauricio Macri has given way to Alberto Fernández. "In the years to come, in this year 2020, we will have very good news," he said.

In the case of Venezuela, he has again denounced the existence of “an international economic war” against the Caribbean nation. The Venezuelan, he has argued, is "a besieged economy (…) like no economy in the world, we could only say the Cuban one."

Maduro has accused the United States and "its internal accomplices, the Venezuelan fascist right", of "stealing" the Venezuelan state in 2019 alone about 30,000 million dollars through sanctions.

"Where the blockade, sanctions and all that evil of the US empire has hit us the most is in health," he said. "They chase the planes and ships that are going to bring medicines to Venezuela so they don't bring them," he denounced.

In addition, he has admitted that the dollarization of the Venezuelan economy has been a “reality” for years due to the dependence of petrodollars. "Today we are living with three monetary spaces," the bolivar, the petro and the dollar, has assumed.

In this context, which has been defined as an economic "resistance stage", he stressed that "the model of social missions has passed a great test and has demonstrated its efficiency and its ability to serve the majorities, especially the most humble. ”

“The secret weapon (…) so that the Bolivarian Revolution has the capacity to face, to overcome so many aggressions, (…) is that we have a real project that has the legitimacy and support of the people,” has held.

Maduro has been sure that, precisely that popular support, will allow the PSUV ruler and his allies to recover the National Assembly in the parliamentary elections scheduled for this year, after the "painful" defeat suffered by Chavism in the 2020 legislative elections.

The opposition “has used the National Assembly to conspire, to economically damage Venezuela, to try to impose a coup d'etat, to convene a foreign military invasion of the US empire and its allies with the TIAR (…) They have destroyed the National Assembly, ”he has reproached.

Therefore, he has wielded, "in Venezuela a great change is coming." "We are going to get a great victory and we are going to recover the National Assembly … 2020 is the year of the recovery of the National Assembly," he predicted.

Questioned about the electoral process, Maduro has indicated that the Government has taken the necessary steps “to build all the guarantees”, so that these elections are “a democratic success”.

The head of state has advanced that "all the political forces of the opposition and their bases (…) are ready to participate" in these elections, so that "the extremist sector to which the United States handed over the power of the opposition , the 'Guaidoist' extremist sector is going to be isolated and defeated. ”

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