Ninel Conde And Chiquis Rivera Faced For An Unthinkable Reason War Of Divas!

Ninel Conde is a 43-year-old Mexican singer and actress who is very loved by her audience due to her participation in diverse and emblematic national television novels.

Since his last appearance in “In the Wildlands”, everyone showed that he is still mad at the presence of the lace, which is capable of breaking any heart. Related News But recently a conspiracy theory began to circulate that relates the goddess to another famous one from the same country: we talk about Chiquis Rivera.

With ten years less than Count, and a reputation inherited from his mother, Jenni Rivera, Chiquis is also a slightly more controversial but equally appreciated singer. And the two women have in common that they are very attractive, and that is why the networks of both Chiquis and Ninel, always They are filled with comments of compliments with each publication.


The problem is that now everyone began comparing certain photos of the protagonist of “Rebel” and his singing colleague, to say that … They are the same!

And is that between makeup, photo style, selfies and super productions, we can all calmly affirm that the actress and Chiquis are like twins.



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