Ninel Count With Waistband And Short Skirt Receives Long Row Of Fans

Ninel Count with waistband and short skirt receives long row of fans | Instagram special photo

They say succulent hottie, the beautiful and charming Ninel Count, He leaves aside the scandal in which they compared her to Lyn May, because of the way she has changed her face and, she showed that in the end what matters is the people. Well, to the rhythm of his song with a waistband and short skirt he receives a long line of fans.

Ninel Conde, shared in his Instagram stories, with his almost 4 million followers that he would be in the best club in Houston, so he invited his fans to shop around and the response was very pleasant. Both men and women were ready waiting for the celebrity.


Ninel Count with waistband and short skirt

The autograph signature that many were waiting for. Of course, Ninel Conde looked spectacular. The appointment was at 11:30 pm, at the Escapade club, which is located in Houston Texas. The actress and singer, was very happy with her audience, but above all grateful, she even recorded them by greeting.

Undoubtedly, among the fans of Ninel Conde, there are women, men and even children. She posted that they are her family and very pretty she smiled for the photo.

The truth is that she looked beautiful, with a short and fitted dress that highlighted her figure. Of course, his huge coat stole attention.

How are you?

For their part, fans remembered the great success of the singer and put the song of the succulent bonbon, while she walked and greeted everyone who appeared in his way.

Ninel Count with a waistband and short skirt receives a long line of fans. Instagram special photo

With this, Ninel Conde showed that she is a celebrity due to her audience, very humble and attentive.