Nissan Describes The Escape Of Carlos Ghosn As 'extremely Regrettable'

Tokyo, Jan. 7 (EFE) .- The Nissan Motor company today described as 'extremely regrettable' that its former president Carlos Ghosn has escaped from Japan violating the conditions of his bail, 'in an act that defies the judicial system' of the country.

The position is set out in a Nissan statement released today, a week after it was known that Ghosn, 65, was in Beirut after he had fled the country.

Ghosn had to appear in the next few months before the courts of Tokyo to respond to the financial irregularities of which he is accused during his tenure at the helm of Nissan Motor.


"The escape of former President Carlos Ghosn to Lebanon without the permission of the court, in violation of his conditions of bail, is an act that defies Japan's judicial system," the note says.

'Nissan finds it extremely unfortunate,' he adds.

Ghosn is accused in Japan of presumably hiding remunerations agreed with Nissan from the authorities and allegedly using company funds to cover personal expenses and financial losses.

He was arrested for the first time on November 19, 2018 and on April 25, after a second detention, he was released on bail, with his communications and restricted movements and the ban on leaving the country.

In its statement, Nissan argues that the company "discovered numerous acts of Ghosn misconduct thanks to a solid and thorough investigation."

"The internal investigation," he adds, "found incontrovertible evidence of various acts of misconduct by Ghosn, including the misstatement of his compensation and the misappropriation of the company's assets for personal gain."

Remember that the consequences of this case for Nissan have been "significant" and argues that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concluded that Ghosn's conduct "was fraudulent."

"Nissan will continue to do everything right to cooperate with judicial and regulatory authorities when necessary," he adds, and argues that Ghosn's escape will not affect Nissan's decision to "hold him responsible for the serious misconduct discovered."

The authorities in Japan have asked Interpol to prevent Ghosn from being arrested, waiting for his return to Japan to be answered before the Japanese courts.

The head of the Cabinet and spokesman of the Government, Yoshihide Suga, said last night in a statement on television that Japan will make all diplomatic efforts to get Lebanon to deliver the former Nissan president to the Japanese authorities. EFE