Nissan Juke Starts Production In The United Kingdom

Almost 10 years after the bold and modern Nissan Juke was introduced in segment B, the Japanese brand returns to the load with the new generation of the compact crossover. A model that was presented a few weeks ago and now shows us in a video the summary details of its manufacturing process in the United Kingdom.

Sunderland factory

It is here that an advanced factory that has the brand in Sunderland, which has been remodeled to cover the technological, design and customization requirements of Juke, as part of an investment of 100 million pounds, that is, about 115 million euros. More than 27 new dies, four paint booths and a large staff of skilled workers with 5,000 hours of training, are part of the project.



Designed, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, the new Juke has been created specifically for European markets, with Sunderland being the only place of production for this second-generation compact crossover. From here it will be distributed to the main markets of the planet, with 70% of all copies destined for the Old Continent and with two thirds of its suppliers based in the European Union.


The dealers will arrive in November

The only engine available in this new generation is a turbocharged three-cylinder petrol block with 1.0 liters of displacement. This modest propeller offers 117 horsepower and 180 Nm, associated with a six-speed manual transmission or another seven-speed dual clutch. The first units will arrive at the dealerships at the end of November.


In the words of Steve Marsh, vice president of manufacturing for Nissan in the United Kingdom: “We are delighted to see the Juke in production. Our millions of Juke fans in Europe will be able to see it on the roads very soon. The Juke is a large part of the heritage of our plant, so it is a moment of pride to see the new model leave the production line. ”