No One Imagined! The Mysteries And Secrets Of The Life Of Enrique Iglesias Come To Light

To the surprise of many of the fans who think they know everything about Enrique Iglesias, some details of the mysterious and secret life he leads behind the walls of his mansion, located on one of the most luxurious and exclusive islands, have recently come to light from the bay of Miami.

Last Thursday, Enrique He shared the first photo of his third son with Anna Kournikova, a girl who was born on January 30, and that the media learned of his birth through an indiscretion of his brother Julio José Iglesias. Related News The press learned about the singer’s couple’s pregnancy almost at the end of it, all thanks to the fact that some photographs were leaked while they were sailing on their ship around their home.

The 44-year-old star and his family live in Bay Point, one of the most luxurious and exclusive islands in Miami, where there are barely a hundred houses that belong to rich and famous people who want, like the composer, to have privacy. Well, to access this place you need to reside in it or have authorization. Weeks ago, someone who lives in this area, saw the mother of the children of the artist to have a fairly advanced pregnancy, and this information came to some paparazzi who did not take long to attend the island to take some photos, using a plan to enter it. Although they were able to make some captures, they can never be seen, since they were taken in a private place.


The house of the interpreter of “Subeme la Radio” has its own docking place to anchor the ship, with which Enrique goes out to sail in the afternoon, and it was precisely in one of those exits, that the first and only photo has been taken of the second pregnancy of Anna Kournikova. Days later, the baby arrived in the world at the South Miami hospital. For that day, the tennis player had a whole wing to maintain her privacy. But, Julio José Iglesias, the singer’s older brother, had an oversight and on Chile’s DNA radio he said: “I’ve been an uncle.”

Most Spanish relatives know that he doesn’t want him to know anything about his private life. As his sister, Tamara Falcó revealed that he is not in the family chat with which Isabel Preysler’s children, scattered throughout different parts of the world, keep in touch. “He is an artist and does not want anything to bother him.” However, that does not mean that you have a bad relationship with yours, on the contrary, your home has often been the center of family gatherings, but everything that happens there is extremely secret.