No One Like Him: Chuck Norris Turns 80 And Is Better Than Ever!

Carlos Ray Norris, simply known as Chuck Norris has marked the childhood of all of us because without understanding too much we accompanied our parents watching the legendary series.

For Walker, Texas Ranger Today is a very special day or for Walker, Texas Ranger is very special? It is his 80th birthday and social networks are partying!The world karate champion He has inspired the hashtag #MartesDeChuckNorris and is the protagonist of dozens of memes that, far from making fun of him, honor him! A tweet starts saying: “Chuck Norris does not turn years, it is the time that Chuck Norris meets. It intrigues me to know what he thinks about this.

As we know the ex-military throughout his filmography, he has measured forces against the Soviets, the mafia, the Nazis, police corruption, serial killers, mercenaries, terrorists everywhere and of course, who dared to commit crimes in Texas . A genius! The founder of a karate association has had a powerful training, so he was a martial arts instructor mixing his knowledge with taekwondo, brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, muay tai and shotokan. Although his ambition led him to bankruptcy, being able to recover from his debts after 5 years.


Among the achievements of this great influencer without having used a social network, is the fact of having created the “martial art made in Norris” known to date as the “chunk kuk do”, it is governed by a code of 12 rules of life that in addition to teaching how to fight and defend themselves, guide the practitioner along a path to become a better person.

But without a doubt the fraud of the 90s was consecrated when in 2017 they gave him two heart attacks and survived both. Fans viralized it with a meme that said: Chuck Norris did not survive two heart attacks, the heart attacks survived Chuck Norris. On this special day, we wish you a happy birthday and, of course, good health!