No Photoshop! Look At Jennifer Lopez In Her Worst Homemade Version (Photo)

Nobody wants to miss the last Jennifer Lopez movie.

By writing MiamiDiario

In the movie, which is titled Hustlers, JLo plays a scammer who works as a stripper, which means that the New York artist appears performing heart attacks and with her most daring models, DiarioGol reported.


And at 50, viewers say Jennifer is spectacular in the film.

However, some of his haters refer to the physicist of the New York, who say that it has nothing to do with the one that looks on the tape with which he actually shows.

They argue that the images have been retouched and that JLo was very well characterized by the stylists so that they did not see what they point out in the following snapshot.

A photo in which a Jennifer appears in "very low form". "Are you sure you want to see this picture?" They write on the web. "My mother, how bad she is," they comment.

In fact, the snapshot is taken in one of the breaks of the filming of the film through the streets of Nuyeva York.

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