No Surgery Expected For Aaron Rodgers’ Fracture On Bye Week

Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur acknowledged that his quarterback is still discussing other options with medical personnel for a broken toe.

GREEN BAY – Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are expected to take the path of rest, rather than surgery, to help heal a broken little toe on the quarterback’s foot.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur said Monday that Rodgers is “gathering other opinions, so we’ll see where he gets with that,” but a source said those opinions are not expected to lead to surgery during the off date. This week.


Aaron Rodgers admitted that his foot is improving after not needing a pain reliever injection during halftime of last Sunday’s game. Getty Images

The Packers (9-3) are free until Dec. 12, when they will face the Chicago Bears in a primetime game on Sunday night.

“The most important thing is to heal and take care of my toe,” Rodgers revealed Sunday, when asked about his plans for the day off.

The NFL Network reported earlier this Monday that Rodgers would not plan to undergo surgery.

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Rodgers said he broke his toe during his COVID-19 quarantine earlier this month, and has played the most recent three games with almost no preparations on the driving range.

The only full practice he participated in during this period was Nov. 19, two days before the Packers’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He said he received a painkiller shot at halftime against the Vikings but didn’t require one in Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Rams.

“The difference is that I didn’t have to get an injection at halftime, so definitely the healing this week from not training. [ayuda]”Rodgers acknowledged after he threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 36-28 victory over the Rams.

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“Last week, I tried to do some things on Friday, I felt like maybe we needed a little energy and that impacted a bit on Sunday from a pain point of view. This week, I only did the Saturday simulation and obviously all of the simulation. week, but no training time, and I think it really helped. It definitely helped, looking at the exams. The healing, I think it’s in a better place, so I’ve definitely felt better, but third quarter, late third, early of the fourth, and they stepped on me at the start of the game, there was definitely some pain that I was dealing with. “

Rodgers even had a rushing touchdown Sunday, beating Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey down the edge for a 1-yard touchdown. In the most recent two games, Rodgers has 692 passing yards and six touchdowns with no interception.

He said after Sunday’s game that he would make a decision regarding surgery after additional tests on Monday.

“The finger felt good for most of the game,” shared Rodgers. “I was actually just talking to the doctors. I’m not sure at this point; we’re going to do more tests in the morning and we’ll have a better picture of what’s going on there, and then we’ll make a decision at this point.”

LaFleur previously said he would leave the decision to Rodgers and the medical staff.

“I’m not involved in those decisions, so I just take the information and listen,” LaFleur said. “I don’t have an ‘MD’ after my name, so I’ll let them deal with that.”