Noam Chomsky: Ayatola Of Political Manichaeism

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The word betrayal in a meaning from Latin "traditio", and is the lack that breaks the loyalty or fidelity that should be kept with someone or something. It consists in denying, either with an action or an expression, a commitment of loyalty. In other words: it is to disappoint.


In the legal field, treason is a crime committed by a military or civilian when seriously undermining the security of the nation. In this aspect, the country is called treason or also high treason. Without fear of being wrong, I can say that if there is a fertile ground for disloyalty, it is in the political field, an area where this moral rot in some individuals emerges vehemently.

The most cunning betrayal of the many that have been made in the course of human existence, lies in the figure of the apostle Judas Iscariot. With it the history of mankind marked a fundamental and transcendental turn when this, for about miserable 30 silver coins and with a kiss on the cheek, handed over to the Roman guard the exalted figure of the Son of God made man: Jesus Christ, who , at the Last Supper I had already anticipated it so that the prophecies written in The Word would be fulfilled.

Another of the betrayals that occupies a preponderant place in the future of history, due to the implications that it had and although less important than the first, was the death of the Roman emperor Julio César by his own son Marcus Junios Brutus who participated with members of the Senate in a conspiracy to eliminate the emperor. This disloyalty was not only immortalized by Shakespeare when he recorded for the record of history, the famous phrase that Julius Caesar pronounced when he saw his son collaborate in his murder: "You quoque, Brutus, fili mi"! – (You too, Brutus, my son ”) – but also, Dante Alighieri did the same in his famous work the Divine Comedy.

Noam Chomsky: Fabulator, manipulator and traitor

Avram Noam Chomsky Simonofsky, although you do not believe it, due to his political pronouncements and his visceral hatred towards his own country, he is a US citizen and of Jewish origin. As an eminent linguist, philosopher, political scientist and political activist in favor of the left and any regime contrary to the United States, he has been characterized throughout his ungrateful existence in being an excellent spokesman for the enemies of his own country and working in favor from them.

His extensive knowledge about the evolution and structure of language, as well as his domains of philosophical ideas, make his destructive task against the nation that gave him everything he has today, somewhat effective in weak minds and in those who have been fooled by their fables, their lies and their skills in manipulating the facts to make them drinkable, credible and true, like a sophist in the political interpretation of events.

This unfinished knowledge, liar, traitor and manipulator in addition, has become for the world left – understand communists – in a kind of jewel to display at every moment and in every moment, with the same excitement that a child exhibits when showing The others his toy. This is due to three factors, which make their acolytes of socialism and lost causes rave: He is American and hates his homeland, Jewish descent and despises Israel and is a recognized intellectual who supports socialist totalitarian governments and especially , everything that goes against the United States and its world politics.

For me, he is a dishonest intellectual, a traitor and a master forger of hatred against a nation – his own country – where he was educated, developed in an open, free, democratic, competitive society and where citizens they freely express and live in freedom, something very different from the socialist governments and the theocratic dictatorships that he defends so much. Noam Chomsky has spent more than four decades talking, writing books, giving messages and considering the United States as the Great Satan of the nations and the cause of all the evils that other peoples suffer. His mental extremism goes so far that he makes the American Union not only guilty of his own mistakes – which are inherent in each nation – but also of the mistakes of others.

My appreciation and based on his expressed ideas, both oral and written against the United States -your country-, I consider him a Taliban of anti-Americanism and worse, with a Manichaean belief, being his own country -according to him- the axis of evil worldwide and even more, guilty of the failures of others.

The fallacies of Noam Chomsky

This intellectual pervert not only uses his extensive knowledge to discredit the Un ited States in the eyes of the world, but also uses his language and mastery of sophistry to hide and manipulate what he really wants to take for granted, and that way, getting others to always see the United States not as a victim in certain events, but rather as the victimizer. Let us see only three examples of hundreds that exist and that germinate in the mephistophalic mind of this anarchist of thought.

1.-a) When Chomsky was questioned about the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York, his reaction was to minimize it with an even greater act (according to him) attributed to Bill Clinton, feeling no pain from the death of almost 3 thousand citizens in that attack, when he said: (I quote)

"The terrorist attacks were great atrocities. On their scale, however, they may not reach the level of many others, of the Clinton bombings on Sudan, for example, made without credible pretext, which destroyed half of their pharmaceutical resources and killed an unknown number of people ( nobody knows, because the United States blocked an investigation and in the UN nobody is interested in continuing it) ”

Let us observe that his expression at the beginning is pure formality, that is to say, stepping out in a subtle way to enter the subject that interests him: the crimes of the United States and, incidentally, accusing Clinton in a furtive way for what he did and distort the reality of the facts: pure intellectual manichaeism. Clinton launched a missile against Sudan in a defensive military response based on the blasting of two embassies and that fact does not compare with the deaths and destruction of the World Trade Center. It was not a pharmaceutical factory, but a biological weapons manufacturing center that fired the missile and launched at night to minimize deaths, as indeed happened.

The way Chomsky approaches these two facts is a demonstration of his evil without limits to lessen the severity of Al-Qaeda's terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and evidence of visceral hatred towards the United States that stuns what he says or writes.

2.-b) Another classic of the many fallacies that Chomsky has said against the United States and its political actions in the Cold War, was when he stated: (I quote)

“As everyone acknowledges, an important Soviet crime has been Moscow's help to Third World countries or movements that the United States tries to revolt or plastice (…) the Soviet Union supported indigenous movements that resisted the strong imposition of the intentions of the U.S. (a criminal effort, as any conscious intellectual understands ”). Deterring Democracy (Vintage, 1992), page 99.

The reality was very different, since the main Soviet clients and political partners in the Third World were dictators and mass murderers like Mao Tse Tung in China (before the Chinese / Soviet break); North Korea with King II Sung; Ho Chi Min in North Vietnam; Idis Amín Dada in Uganda; Mengistu Haile Mariam in Ethiopia; Haffez the Assad in Syria and finally, Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Remember that the Soviet advisers that Chomsky defends created the Chinese Gulag where millions of people died. It was not the United States.

3.-c) Noam Chomsky is not only a liar, a fabulator, a Marxist, an enemy of his own homeland, but also, is a grateful evil of the nation that has given everything. The next lie was told in an interview with NRC Handelsblad, the Netherlands, on December 6, 2003: (I quote)

“There are many things that prevent us from looking at the structures around us and anyone who gets out of the script is in serious danger. It is not that you are going to be shot in this country, as would happen in many other murderous societies, but there are no doubt penalties, in terms of professional career, status, income. ”

Unlike this fallacy, the reality is that far from imposing sanctions for all the lies he says and writes, the United States government gave Chomsky his professional career, his status and his income. But, as the liar sometimes forgets the lies he says, he said: “The MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology – only pays thirty or forty percent of my salary. The rest comes from other sources, for the most part, from the Department of Defense. ” The Anatomy of a Revolution in the Social Scienses: Chomsky in 1962, Dhumbadji, 1964. Quoted in Konrad Koerner.


In this prestigious news outlet, there is a regular Saturday columnist, lawyer, remote socialist, frustrated candidate to be an overseas deputy three times and a faker who swore in vain to defend this country when he swore as a citizen, (for interest and convenience) that apparently thinks that Noam Chomsky, by the mere fact of being a famous intellectual, has no right to error in his political judgments and that he is equally infallible and bearer of absolute truth. Obviously, motivated by the reasons I explained above.

Apparently, the aforementioned Marxist at a distance (who prefers to live his socialism in the jaws of the empire) forgets that the truth is the correspondence between what we think or know with reality. According to Aristotle: “It implies a relationship between the subject, that is, an intelligence, and an object: reality. That is, the agreement of thought with the real. In that sense, if that dumbbell is not given, it is logical that it is a false proposition. In that sense, in three lies that I quoted said by Noam Ckomsky of the more than one hundred he has pronounced, he shows us the opposite of what the aforementioned lawyer, articulist and defender of this Marxist intellectual, ungrateful and traitor to his country.


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