Noam Chomsky Called Donald Trump “the Worst …

Noam Chomsky redoubled his criticism of Donald Trump “This sounds strong, but it is true: he is the worst criminal in history, without a doubt. There has never been a figure in political history who has dedicated himself so passionately to destroying projects to organized human life on earth in the near future, “said the renowned intellectual and linguist.

Chomsky remarked that his definition of the President of the United States “is not an exaggeration.” Speaking to the quarterly socialist magazine Jacobin, he also called Trump a “tin dictator.”

On the roster of notorious criminals, Chomsky would put Trump ahead of such iconic figures in the United States as the pyramid swindler Bernie Madoff, presidential killer Lee Harvey Oswald, gangster Al Capone, drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, outlaw Jesse James, “extremely evil” Ted Bundy, bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, and serial killer Jack the Ripper.


The political scientist and linguist thus turned on Trump, who had been the target of harsh criticism from him in recent months. In an interview with The Guardian in May, he blamed the President of the United States for the deaths of “thousands of people” for cuts in health care funding and the discharge of his leadership responsibilities from state governors during the pandemic of coronavirus.

“It is a great strategy to kill many people and improve their electoral chance,” said Chomsky, who is also critical of the global response to the coronavirus and condemns the reaction of the United States and the “very sad breach of duty” of the leaders. Europeans.

In his last interview, Chomsky analyzed that the world will recover from the pandemic at a terrible cost. “The cost is greatly amplified by the White House gangster, who has killed tens of thousands of Americans, making the United States the worst place in the world (for the coronavirus),” he said.

Chomsky also warned that he will get out of the pandemic, but not “the other crime that Trump has committed, global warming. The worst is yet to come: we are not going to get out of it. “

The linguistics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also targeted Republicans. About them, they said they have disappeared as a party and criticized their silence in the face of some of Trump’s actions, such as the firing of the inspectors general to monitor corruption. In his opinion, the Republican Party “is worse than the old Communist Party. The leader gives an order; (and everyone falls) on his knees,” Chomsky said.



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