Nobel Prize In Medicine Alone With El Popular

Nobel Prize In Medicine Alone With El Popular

Editor: El Popular22 Feb 2020 | 8:39 h

Dr. Louis Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 because he discovered that our body produces an amount of nitric oxide gas that prevents heart attacks and hypertension problems. Ignarro arrived in Lima to present the supplement he invented with Herbalife, an entity of which he is a member of the Nutrition Advisory Board.

“Our arteries are what produce it and it brings a series of benefits to the human body. For example, lower blood pressure if there is a hypertension, ”he says.


-It has been a great discovery for those who suffer from heart problems.
-Yes. When one produces nitric oxide, cardiovascular disease is reduced, hypertension is reduced, and the chances of a stroke or heart attack are reduced.

-Do people with diabetes and heart problems produce less nitric oxide?
-Yes, absolutely true. But the next question should be, why. It is food, there are people who do not eat healthy, eat junk food, too much meat, too much salt and sugar, and do not play sports. Research has shown that when you exercise, your body produces more nitric oxide.

-You created a supplement to increase the production of nitric oxide, does consuming it in excess cause damage?
-Never. The ingredients it has (Niteworks) come from the food we eat, from its amino acids that together generate different types of proteins, and it contains everything you need with the difference that it has no calories or fat. Who are the ones who need it most? Men and women who are overweight or people who know that in their family history there are diabetes, heart attacks, stroke and hypertension.

-What would be the ideal diet to generate nitric oxide gas?
-The ideal diet would be to reduce beef, pork and chicken and increase fish, because it has a lot of omega3, eat more fruits and vegetables and remember that the darker the colors, the better for us. Legumes and beans are a very good source of protein. And you have to lower the amount of sugar and salt you eat.